Winter Camp

Decide what you want to learn, how you want to learn, when you want to learn and how much you want to learn.

5 days of winter camp @ Aarohi had unlimited energy.  Children and  adults  all were learning from each other  - we had no boundaries of adult or a child, a teacher or a learner - all were part of one space, one community and one concept “self directed learning”.

The  camp began with introducing  each other and sharing what all each one of us want to learn or can teach  others.  The list included - football, cooking, singing, Kannada language, Bharatanatyam, Juggling, Magic, Painting, Trekking, Theatre, Pets, Finger knitting, Baking, Playing cards…

Each day we met at 9 in the morning to spend time together as community with music and update ourselves with announcement for the day and again met at 6 in the evening to reflect and share our thoughts - we call this as community time

Each day we met at 4pm to care for campus - cleaning, grooming, washing, gardening...we call it campus care

Rest of the time all of us were busy doing, making, breaking, learning, teaching, exploring … living

  • When one wanted  to make clay pots, we went to the lake to collect clay
  • When one wanted hot water - we collected twigs and leaves….to make fire
  • When one wanted to walk on the stilts - we went to fabricator to get one done for us
  • When one wanted  to eat cake - we baked in woodfired barrel oven ... exploring receipes
  • When one wanted to eat puri or omelette... we made for self and for others too
  • When one was scared of others, expressed in the thought club and expressed one to one

For the working of community three master codes to follow

  • Take of of myself
  • take care of others
  • and take care of environment and resources

Each picture has a story behind it ... Adults did not teach, nor made any plan but the whole community was busy learning, exploring, trying, failing and enjoying.