FireBurner - Online Sessions with parents & teachers

Fireburners are online webinars or online workshops - typically targeted at parents, teachers and anybody else working with children.

These are announced on an adhoc basis. If you do not see any announcement below (or the topic is not of your choice) - you will have to wait.

Also some of the previous sessions have been video recorded and those are available for viewing - see list of previous topics on menu bar or click here.

A good idea it to still register below so that we can inform you when we announce the next session. You can also request a topic in remarks.

FireBurner sessions are free. However if you want to donate some amount (50, 500, 5k, 50k) you are most welcome to contribute any amount - we are currently looking for funds for our bus library project see

The Whatsapp group is primarily to share events as well as resources with parents and people interested in open / community learning
Here you put down questions that you are looking answers for.