Train Safety codes

Children coming from Bangalore typically come to campus by morning train
(56514- Bengaluru City - Karaikal Fast Passenger (UnReserved)) 

on Monday with Leela and they go back on Friday evening (same) train​ (No 56513).

Children are typically dropped by parents at Bypanahalli station on Mondays and picked-up from same on Fridays. (If you need to drop/pickup from another station - pl discuss with Facilitator). Commute between from Kelamangalam station and Campus is managed by Aarohi.

We need parents help to discuss about train safety codes with kids. 

Share your thoughts on each code and also understand your child's understanding also.


Codes before and after boarding

  • When the train is coming (hear train sound) or train is at the platform, stay behind yellow line and stop all talks.
  • When train comes, at the platform board the train  in groups of 2-3.
  • While getting inside the train or waiting on the platform, do not run in panic or excitement.


Codes while in train

  • Once you get inside the train, do not run. Stay together and search for space to sit.
  • Child sitting next to window seat, check for window  lock .
  • Take care of co-passengers by talking softly and not hurting them.
  • If wanting to buy any snacks, buy from vendor coming inside the train only and do not get down to buy from the station.
  • Do not stand at the gate, not peep out/hangs out of window. Sit in your place.


Recommended Practices

  • If standing, hold something.
  • If changing space, going to toilet, getting up for any other reason - inform adult.
  • While getting down from the train stay in the group of 2-3.
  • Do not talk to strangers unnecessarily or taking things from them. if curious to talk to anyone, connect with adult accompanying you.
  • If you are not able to understand co-passenger's language or request, connect with adult accompanying. Making fun of them is not recommended.
  • Walk in group of 2-3 on platform to reach the parking.
  • If you are getting late, please do not call again and again to the faculty/ adult. Just come and if the train is late you will catch us.
  • Or do not call parents if the kids have not reached in time. If the train is late, kids will join.
  • Do not throw plastic outside the train, making place dirty by throwing murmura, chips or biscuits.
  • Carry spill proof water bottle to take care of others.
  • If anyone is touching or holding or talking to you or pulling cheeks or asking for your address or phone number or any other information – say STOP or inform adult with you.
  • Do not experiment with track like put stones, keep water packets
  • To ensure safety of you and gadgets - Do not use gadgets while travelling by train in group. All gadgets come out only at home or at campus.