Quiz on learning at Aarohi

All questions are true or false. Each question carries one mark unless specified. Every 10th question carries a bonus 5 marks. All questions are in first person.

  1. I can come to Aarohi O campus whichever day I want and take a holiday whenever I want.
  2. For me to learn my behaviour has to be impeccable.
  3. Documentation of my reflection is important because that is how my parents will know what I am learning at Aarohi.
  4. Many guests or experts will visit aarohi and it is my duty to learn from all of them.
  5. Self learning means I have to learn by myself - you cannot ask somebody to teach me.
  6. I can play football whole day.
  7. If I bring some resource from home, I do not need to take care of it at Aarohi, since it does not belong to Aarohi.
  8. If I want I can learn something outside Aarohi say by working with an office or an uncle or aunty.
  9. In a day, I can decide what I want to learn or do. I can even do nothing.
  10. There are no fans in Aarohi.
  11. Reflection is important because that is the only way to internalise learning.
  12. It is facilitator's job to teach me what i need to learn.
  13. If something is important to be learned, somebody at Aarohi will ensure that I learn it.
  14. At aarohi it is not okay to take an online course, though we can learn from youtube videos.
  15. We do planning in the morning so that all know what exactly we are doing during the day.
  16. I have to prepare for any exams by myself.
  17. I must master what I start to learn.
  18. If I want I can give 10th exam while being at Aarohi.
  19. Disciplining committee can punish me if they find me guilty.
  20. I cannot grow moustache at Aarohi.
  21. It is okay to leave any goal in between (and not necessarily complete it).
  22. Aarohi has specified 35 abilities which I have to develop.
  23. Even a child at Aaorhi can announce a course and teach others.
  24. I cannot do mistakes which may lead to wastage of resources.
  25. I need to be good at English if I want to be at Aarohi.
  26. I can play video games whole day.
  27. KAA trips are for tourism and they are like group holidays.
  28. Learning something from textbooks is not acceptable.
  29. If I make mistakes, somebody here will correct me.
  30. I need to take bath everyday at Aarohi.

Few bonus questions:

Bonus 1) If I cannot understand something, I not intelligent.

Bonus 2) If I do only hands on work, I a not learning.

Bonus 3) Instead of seeking help, its better to be independent.