Life Beyond Development Workshop

Smart cities, big buildings, 4G internet, mega malls, supermarkets and more.

Do you ever wonder where all this dizzying development is leading us to?

You have a house, a car, a cupboard with trending clothes, access to the latest technology & all information on your fingertips but have you ever wanted to PAUSE & REFLECT on why your better standards of living are not translating into personal happiness & satisfaction?

Do you feel the answer lies in redefining your relationship with nature & exploring a life beyond development?

 Life Beyond Development is a 3 day retreat where we will explore our world through lenses of social justice and environmental sustainability.

Join us from 21st to 23rd September at Aarohi O-campus (60 kms away from Bangalore).

Fees: You can contribute on a sliding scale of Rs. 3000 to 5000. The fees includes the food, stay, facilitator remuneration and resource cost for the 3 days. You will have to arrange for your own transport to the venue. (Contact us if you cannot genuinely afford to pay the minimum amount.)

 Age : 16 to 35 years old (Contact us if you don't fit in the age group but are interested.)

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Contact us on 9600746672 / 9376428560 or e-mail us at

Broad flow of 3 days: 
The 3 day workshop will revolve around the concept and practice of 'Rethinking Development'. We will begin exploring this topic as Consumers, a role all of us actively play in our daily lives. We will try and understand how our everyday choices affect our body, mind, family, friends, neighbors, unknown people, animals and the life giving nature we live in. 

On the second day we will explore environmental sustainability and social justice through the framework of four elements (Fire, Water, Earth and Air) and on the third day we will brainstorm solutions as to what we can do as Individuals, Parents, Citizens and of course Humans for ourselves, the coming generations and our planet. 

 The retreat will be a mix of discussions, individual and collective sharing, experiential activities and small scale experiments for a hands-on understanding. We also want you to know that even though the facilitators have a plan of how they want the 3 days to shape up, this will be a co-created and collaborative space open to spontaneous inputs and emergent needs.

About the Facilitators : Asawari, Isha and Shivendra studied in Swaraj University, a self-designed learning space in Udaipur wherein they discovered among other things, their passion for environmental sustainability and social justice. Since then they have been seriously rethinking 'development'.
They conduct workshops with children and youth. Through hosting such workshops they intend to not only share their insights but also find co-travelers and communities willing to go deeper in their quest for solutions for a simpler and sustainable life.

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