Modes of Communication

Communication from Facilitators to Parents


Most communication and discussions are done via Aarohi GOOGLE COMMUNITY. This would include children work-log, observations, reviews, reflections, parents concerns and notes, aarohi events and other Aarohi stuff and discussions.


Faculty and Child capture weekly observations. These are updated on the Aarohi GOOGLE COMMUNITY - categorized by the child's name. 

Communication Diary

Each child has a communication diary and required to carry in their bags. Handouts, announcements, and other notes/communications needing the attention of parents or faculty may be exchanged through this diary. Please check this diary for updates that might be included or ask the child if there have been any updates in the diary.


From Parents to Facilitators

As a parent you are integral to the community and hence - you are encouraged to be connected to the campus in many ways. Ask, clarify, share, observe, involve ... use email, phone and visits to campus. (Email to

Parents are also encouraged to add posts with observation (in Aarohi GOOGLE COMMUNITY) about your child - this could be a video, image or just text. 

In this community - you or your child or together via your login - can also add a post about something that you or your child or both want to share.

Parents may also use the “Communication Diary” to interact with Faculty on simple/logistical matters.


From Parents to Parents

Phone numbers and email addresses of parents and faculty are available in the Information google doc. You may use this to contact any parent as needed. It contains

  • Calendar with information about holidays, events, outdoor, KAA (out-station) trips and live station.
  • Information about children, their parents, phone numbers and address
  • Campus contact details.
  • Fee details

Use Aarohi GOOGLE COMMUNITY to start and participate in various discussions.