Joining Document

Welcome to Aarohi. An exciting learning journey lies ahead of us, as we look forward to making time spent in Aarohi a meaningful and enjoyable one for your child. Every year we feel we are starting Aarohi again - churning of thoughts on systems, process, facilitation, learning and methodologies goes on. We request new and old all parents to go through all the documents.

This joining document gives you information to begin your journey in Aarohi this year. 

For all information exchange and smooth flow of the program we rely heavily on emails. It is imperative that you receive all the emails. Kindly acknowledge the first email sent to you – for us to be sure that you are receiving emails from Aarohi. Email to us at

Stationery, text books and other resources - Books and all other resources are available at Aarohi. In itself child does not need to purchase any books or any other resource etc. However, If child needs any specific resource like workbooks, or text books or wants to brings any personal resource etc - child is most welcome. What you need to have is

  1. 2-3 note books/diary from home.
  2. Stationary pouch (apart from basic stationary consider adding things like small calculator, measuring tape, sketch pens, flat paint brush (no 10 or 12), geometry kit, anything else that may add to your day to day working.

Absence From Aarohi - Inform us via mail/phone in case of a planned or unplanned absence from Aarohi. It is advised that if an infectious/viral medical condition is detected, that the child does not attend campus until it is safe to come as advised by your Doctor.  

Food - We plan, prepare and eat together as a community. Hence we do not bring any personal food items - but we can bring something to share with ALL.
However on Mondays - people traveling by train from Bangalore would need to carry breakfast to have enroute.

Uniform - Aarohi does not have any prescribed uniform for its children.  
Clothes and Footwear - Comfortable, daily wear clothes are recommended, and not anything new or expensive. At Aarohi children play with paints, clay, sand/mud etc. Please do NOT have your child wear any gold / diamond or expensive jewelry. Also please avoid hanging ear rings, finger rings, neck chains etc. 
Shoes, Strap sandals and home slippers are must at campus.

 Travel Plan

  • Coming to Campus - every Monday - Either aarohi facilitator or Parents (by turn) drop kids at campus either by Sunday evening or Monday morning - by train or by car.
  • Going back - on Friday evening with one faculty/adult (from Campus). Pick up at Byappanahalli railway station at the timing of the evening train. 
  • If child misses the regular travel schedule, check if someone is traveling to O-campus on any other day. Parents can directly drop the child at campus. Inform us about your travel plan.