For Children <16years

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 This section is for children  between 0 to 16 years  wishing to join Aarohi.

(For youth above 16 years see the options for  youth here)

Aarohi is NOT a school. It is a learning community and any child can be part of the community for any amount of time.

Any child can join Aarohi at ANYTIME (any month of the year). A child can come for one year (regular child) or for one term (5 weeks), or one week - or  for any other combination (eg: one week a month, few weeks whenever, few months ... whatever is the requirement of the child and family. You decide what is possible and beneficial for you.

  • Since Aarohi's Campus is far from Bangalore and since live like a community - most children do week boarding (Monday to Friday). Children can stay here without parents if they are comfortable or one parent can be with them. (Eg: we have 3 children in the age group of 5-7 who stay with their parents) 
    Obviously, for children wanting to come only during day this is not a constraint. If you have any doubts about age - pl come and stay at Aarohi campus for few days, a weeks ... experience both Aarohi and the campus and discuss and explore various options with us.
  • If you want to be associated with aarohi as an adult (work as facilitator, do volunteering, do something part time, etc) see this page.

Aarohi Joining Process:

  1. Go through the various presentations, videos and pages on this website to get good basic understanding about Aarohi.
    If what you read interests you, then call and talk to Ratnesh. This call is usually to get a quick sync-in on Aarohi philosophy and life at the campus, get brief response to immediate doubts and set up your visit to the campus. This is typically via phone (+91-98450-45833) or skype / google hangout (use contact us form). 
  2. The next obvious step is to visit the the campus - this could be for few hours - what you will get is to see the campus (physical infrastructure) and meet Ratnesh or Aditi or Leela and talk to them in detail - get responses to most of your questions. Recommended - bring your children along!
  3. When, after knowing Aarohi and visiting the campus, you are interested in joining Aarohi - then it is highly recommended that you come and stay at the campus for few days - preferably a week or more. See experiencing aarohi for a week or you can do during holidays via summer / winter camps
  4. Now that you have experienced life at Aarohi campus - its time to decide: If Yes, fill in the  Joining Questionnaire (JQ) to us. Please put your responses into an email and send it to us. We expect both parents to participate in this important step. 
  5. After AQ - come (both parents with the children) for a final one to one meeting with either Ratnesh or Aditi or Leela. This meeting is to understand in depth - Freedom and Responsibility @ Aarohi of the child and the parents. Also understand Facilitation @ Aarohi. This meeting is to understand the role each one will play in your child's learning journey.
  6. You also fill up the registration & declaration form (download it here) and pay the financial contribution.
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