Library in Junk Bus


We wanted a library in Aarohi campus. We dreamed we will up-cycle a junk bus. We searched for three years. Then magic happened. Our patience got rewarded. Govt was auctioning an old library bus - to be scraped. We participated (with all the children) in the e-auction and we won the auction. We have got the bus to campus where it will be parked permanently as aarohi's library. 

 While kids are in the process of setting up their dream library in their dream bus - they are painting it, shifting the books into it, planting trees around it and so on - we need your help to complete the upcycling of the junk bus by sponsoring the expenses of buying the bus.

Cost of Bus 2.19 lakhs. Looking for contributions in 5k or 10k denominations. Actually any amount is okay.

 To do online transfer or send cheque see bank details here and remember to send us an email after doing the deposit.