Joy of continuous learning - Week 4 - summer 2018

The fourth week of summer began with parents and kids joining with a constraint that kids are not kids and parents are not parents but all are equal. The equality is not easy but the week began with experiencing the life in a space where all are equal and all needed to speak for themselves be it food or bedding or work on their interest.

Fourth consecutive week, making a raft was tried after the raft failing its test in the pond for last three weeks. This week more research, more planning, and more vigor were put. The craft was tested several times in the play pool and failed few trials. And an opportunity to experience the failure with all trials drowning.

The wall painting was high on agenda with some, all ages participated with one constraints "clear purpose" of the same. Cooking, baking, making models, reading in a group, paper craft, playing drums and keyboard for joy, honing filmmaking skills, chasing stars, flying paper planes, stitching, making bricks, story cards, exploration of making kits, and research to understand constellation continued in different forms. Various interests, various needs - no interest was above other. The visit to the nearby pond was just not about visiting but understanding our understanding mud and natural water, our own mental boundaries to climb a tree or enjoy the simple joy of open fire barbeque planned by kids.

The vocabulary that each one of us is a teacher was new for many kids around, the learning mela brought an opportunity to learn and teach beyond age barriers. All the sessions when conducted by the kids bring unsettlement in the beginning and then an opportunity to accept all ages with the respect and listened to. 

Every bad news is a good news as it brings an opportunity to look at things in different perspective and grow, not just grow out of issues, but learn the ability to grow out of any issue. Some of the bad news like frogs in the bathrooms, some didn't like to play sports, some were asked for clear purpose of coming to Aarohi, some were emotionally disturbed, some took time to understand the working of the kitchen, some didn't like food, some could not reach in time for sessions. Each situation brought an opportunity to find solutions in a different way. Some worked on their fears while some pushed self, some tried fitness routine, some made new friends, some helped other to save from frogs, some learned from other and all GREW together. More than the facilitators, all ages learned more from the jumping frogs in the toilets, the lizards, the bees, the centipedes who were on our pathways, the insects who lived with us, various discomfort which the living and learning brought for us, our pet dogs, our wild cats, and the blazing sun and the starry cool nights. 

If only we could see each problem as an opportunity.

If only we could see each difficulty as an opportunity to learn.

If only we could see each weakness as a source of strength.

If only we could see life itself as the best book to learn from.

 Aarohi - a space to grow organically:

Where nobody needs to be beautiful, yet everybody sees beauty in many.
Where nobody needs to be intelligent, yet everybody respects each other’s abilities.
Where nobody needs to be a thinker, yet everybody values other’s thoughts.
Where nobody needs to be an orator, yet everybody listens to various expressions.
Where nobody needs to be smart, yet everybody accepts other’s styles.
Where nobody needs to be an achiever, yet everybody recognizes your endeavors.
Where nobody needs to be knowledgeable, yet everybody gains from what you know.
Where nobody needs to be social, yet everybody enjoys your company.
Where nobody needs to gives an exam, yet everybody assess self.
Where nobody needs to prove anything, yet everybody is a proof of continuous learning.