Dynamic Curriculum

Part of this week's curriculum - Month of May spread sheet in accounts, Making router access point and repeater to make Internet working, UPS passage, Different drawings, Making thin blade to be able to make a sellable product, researching about the wood which can be carved and  carve a tree, concentrating on shapes of cookies in baking, writing stories, designing business card and focusing on different colours, focusing on maths, science and Hindi, glass painting and focusing on bringing neatness, integer in maths, give a new look to library, towel hanger using curves apart from other things like playing in football tournament, sports day on Friday, maths club, reading club, cooking, gardening, cleaning our cupboards, maintenance of Kitchen, repairs, practice football, spellings, writing blogs, aviation course, learning guitar, sketching, reading, playing board games, conducting different sessions, planning for electronic session, crochet and many other things which comes in our way as we live our lives at the campus.