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Teasing and Living

The topic of Monday thought club comes from our life at Aarohi. Teasing is part of our life at the campus. We expanded it to "Bullying". First, it was about exploring what is bullying, we came up with our experiences of   - gossip, name-calling,  physical abuse, playing a prank, putting down, isolation, rumors etc. When we did the audit of Bullying on "either I bully or I get bullied", the individual score was 45 to 55. But the group's cumulative score was '750'! What I do as an individual looks very small - just one prank or just once name calling.

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Learning in small things

From a mother's diary - our neighbor's son and my son (Advay) are both 6-year-olds and are very good friends. They play together a lot. 2 days back, Advay came back home inspired to do the same home work that his friend was given at his school: to create "Indian flag". He first created the flag post by rolling newspaper.

Jatre - Wind

Our reporter at the campus shared wind speed 23km/ hr. Wind speed at the campus has changed from 8km/ hour to 23km/ hrs. We can feel the flying power of the wind at the campus. The experience of change in speed called for a session on an understanding wind.  

We pondered....

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Jatre - Vedic Maths

Two kids got introduced to Vedic Maths. They decided to teach other kids. They prepared the session, it took them a week to prepare. They shared what they learned. In the process, they learned double!

Imagine Aarohi where there are no classes - because we believe that when children learn and teach each other - there is no need to separate them based on ages. All simply learn from whomsoever we can.

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Community Satsang - Mythology

Community Satsang hosted by Jayita, Twesha, Lalit, and Kanchan at their home. Mythology was the theme and that brought a thought...what is Mythology?

Characters of Kumbhakaran, Mahabali, Krishna, Water, Fire, Shiva, Ram, Ravana, Saraswati, Soopernekha, Moon, Prophet Mohammed, Prahald, Lakshmi, Sun, Greek goddess, Bahubali, Zeus,  Poseidon, Air..all came alive with each one of relating to one of them.  

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Painting Process

They decided to paint walls at Aarohi. They had not painted before. They did not know what they have signed up for!

Well, Desire to 'paint wall' was not as easy as it looked. It began with reading about the paint on the paint box (exterior or interior), direction to use and was yet not over. They had to prepare the was yet not over, they had to learn to get the shade of our choice. And they just began to paint, and the paint fell down and needed a good clean up...phew!


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Painting collection

"I want to paint" was the desire. She was advised to just START and rest will follow. No guidance, no art lessons...she just started.

Imagine Aarohi where there is no teaching - because we believe that children can decide how they want to learn - on their own, with each other and from various resources, etc. We are there to guide them, where they need us.

Auction - Bus Library

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