Learnin Jatre - Travel and Safety

Travel is part of living at the campus. We travel in local trains. We travel in the group. This requires each one of equipped with understanding about travel, travel in a group, the place we are going, what to expect, what are the constraints and what is the responsibility for safe travel.
Traveling in groups does not necessary means a menace for co-passenger, our codes say ‘take care of co-passengers, talk in low voice’. What to do when a stranger asking for personal information or what to do when one wants to go for toilet or hungry.

Learnin Jatre - Electrical

We have fewer plug points and more electrical items to use. This needs more plug points, so the session on understanding electricity, what’s inside the plug was natural to happen. 

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Learning Jatre - Campus Training

Campus training is about knowing, understanding and being ready for different situations to live at the campus and to in general in life.
We began with assessing ourselves on different topics. This assessment helped us in deciding if one needed to work more on any topic or work on other topics.

The assessment was based on three criteria 
Am I ready to handle different situations? Do I have the required understanding? Do I have the required knowledge?

Campus Training covers these 10 areas

Learnin Jatre - Art Resources

We are often asked this question - how does a child discover what all one can learn? We believe that there is certain exposure the child gets around him and child notices them. There is certain exposure when a child meets other people and travels. There are certain exposures a child gets when a child gets introduced to various resources. Hence the Aarohi resource room is full of the treasure of resources. This week we explored what all treasure we have in the resource room. For some various kinds of paints were new while for some tools were new.

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Magic of One

One maths problem a day or one story a day or one map exploration a day for one minute...and magic happens in that one word, one calculations or one exploration.

And all this is related to life around us... the cost of support staff, the cost of food, distance from hometown, the distance we travel from our bed to kitchen, read one map, one story behind that phrase, one poetry reading, one song, one question ..just one a day.

We just explore ONE a day.

Kitchen or Restaurant?

Imagine Aarohi that is not a restaurant, rather a kitchen.
We have no dish to offer. We do not serve our children any learning on a platter. We aren't cooking to satisfy the children.
We're like a kitchen: Raw material and tools (resources) of all kinds are available. Children are challenged to cook for themselves, to create own learning, to explore, experiment for own reasons, to satisfy own hunger.
We have fewer plug points and more electrical items to use.
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Tipity Tap - story of doing

Dream, Do, try, fail, again try, reflect, connect, do differently, do it again, fail again, take help, talk about it, share, get inspired and inspire others...these are some of the common vocabulry at Aarohi.  

Learning Jatre - Carpentary

Often tools are considered to be used by ‘some experts’. We don't know how this belief is formed, but we rarely consider coming close to them and becoming friends with them in our living. The learning Jatre at Aarohi brought carpentry tools closer to many of us. Some of us have been using these tools for years, but some of us have never touched them. Some look tough to use while some looks beyond our capabilities. The Jatre was focused on usages of the tools and introducing new tools added in our carpentry section.

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Learning Jatre - Zentangle

Jatre of Zentangle with Asawari. She shared  Zentangle is a type of an art. It's all about the play of white and black, Lines and curves, a little imagination and a pinch of observation. Its also like meditation.

We believe each individual is a wonderful story and we benefit by getting exposed to each story. Each individual adds value in our learning environment and the world becomes our teachers. 

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Organic learning

After a break of five weeks holidays, we began the session - few new kids joined, few old continued. The energy was unimaginable. Children from different cultural and economic background coming together to enrich our learning environment. The speed of sessions has slowed down for translation in multiple languages (Tamil, Kannada, and Hindi). This slow speed is worth for the rich exposure we get.

We did not teach we did not specify any curriculum but they all began their journey with a thought “What I want to do?”.

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