Electronic a way of life

We see electronic everyday

Use them everyday

They are part of life

But how much are we close to them?

How much do we know them?

Are they alien to us?

How about exploring

Seeing inside outside

How they flow

How they glow?

How they work?

How do they look?


Just one session to explore circuits, tools and gadgets!


Success or Process

Many people ask me success stories of Aarohi - what children from Aarohi have become. Also I have heard lot of people boast about their school or institution by citing stories of  ‘Shining alumni’.

This is indeed profoundly grave - for according to me, herein lies a major question we need to ask ourselves -

Is education about some result / output?

Or if I rephrase this question - What would it do to the education, the learner (child) and the adult (teacher or parent)

Contents or Container

It appears to me that the conventional education system is quite focused on the contents. Maybe the initial idea was that when we work on contents it will develop the container. But over a period of time - more and more people gave substantially more importance to contents - so much so that the container is almost forgotten.

In fact the container (child) is judged on the basis of how well the child can answer questions related to content (often memory of content).

Doing without Thinking

Sometimes children just do - they do not think how their action will affect them or others or its consequences. They do not think of its righteousness nor they think of its appropriateness.

Some call this kind of behaviour us un-mindful.

Some call this kind of behaviour as spontaneity.

Some even call it childish.

Some call it un-adult-erated, pure.


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Why do we think we need to be respected?

Is respect a need or a want?

What would happen if it does not matter to us whether others respect us or not?

As a Sufi Fakir said, "If you need respect, do not come to me. A shopkeeper or anybody else who wants something from you will give you respect. Goto them."

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Doing and Living and Learning

One fine morning
We got together to cut grass

But why Grass

Because it was too long

And we needed for mulching

Then why we?

Why not “get it done”

Then how do we know how does grass feels?

How do we know gras  feel soft and rough?

How do we know how much pressure to put to take it out?

How do we know that “we can do”?

How do we know the feel of standing in the grass?

Making Breakfast

Making a meal is unknown process - often it reaches to our kids plate and then they just need to consume it. “Make your own breakfast”, was the announcement and the platter was displayed with choices - all we needed to do was to make breakfast for our own breakfast”.

And that’s all! Rest is all your imagination

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Product making

We buy things in our daily life

We are also choosy about what we buy and why

Ever wondered what goes in making of any product?

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Science or Scientific thinking?

Scientific thinking is not limited to science and knowledge and it's beautiful!

Scientific thinking is not limited to studying to science (physics, chemistry and biology)

Scientific thinking is also not limited to me being “good or bad” in science.

Scientific thinking is a process, which is not about knowledge but about a skill, a way to think.

Stimulation in the beginning of the week with wondering, pondering, playing with balloons..

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Teen Club : Interacting with the Queer community.

After the session on Understanding Sexuality and Gender, we were curious to interact with the LGBTQIA+ community, listen from them their life experiences and perspectives. Personally I also felt an interaction was important because till now the only interaction has been through movies or seeing them begging on streets or trains. Listening to their perspective would give us a realization that they are also humans just like us with same emotions, needs and passions.

We did a online video call with two people who identify themselves as part of the Queer community.

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