Value Conversation

“What did you eat? I also watched this movie. I went to a restaurant. I went to a party. That is cool”...often the talks are limited to limited experience kids have around them. To add value to our conversations, we engage ourselves in sharing the circle and meaningful conversations. Anyone is free to announce the topic, anyone is free to join, This week the topics were ‘just about boys and girls, about yoga, about education philosophies, about mass communication, about the time frame, about butterflies.

Just One

Just one book, few colur papers, few colur pens and just one person were enough to bring Origami fever at the campus.

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Maker's Fair

Visit to Maker Faire gave us the stimulation, experience, exposure of various fields all in one place for all ages. Maker soul came back excited, stimulated and inspired - just 3 hours of exposure stimulated us with the joy of experiencing innovations in makers space. Its is a gathering of curious people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do - from engineers to artists to scientists to crafters.
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Planning Learning Calander

Do kids plan their bday parties? And given a chance they start planning their parties by the age of 4yrs, some even earlier - whom will they call, where will they have the party, what shape of the cake, what candies to distribute, what snacks to have, which dress to wear and so on. If they can plan this why not their learning? 
The term began with making our own learning calendar.
Often kids know that they want to work on their interest (I want to work on football).
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Sophrology with Marie

Sophrology means knowing of consciousness and knowing our emotions and manage them. A session with Marie from France allowed us to play with emotions. (from wikipedia - Sophrology, from Ancient Greek σῶς / SOS ("harmony"), φρήν / PHREN ("mind"), and -λογία / -logia ("study/science"), is the study of the consciousness in harmony; a healthcare philosophy made of very practical physical and mental exercises aiming at a prepared mind in a focused body.)

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Play with Emotions

Sophrology means knowing of consciousness and knowing our emotions and manage them. A session with Marie from France allowed us to play with emotions.

After working for various companies in accountancy in France, she opted for an alternative life and that led her exploring Sorphology and she enjoys it!

We played with two emotions - Anger and Joy.

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Peer Feedback

This blog is wriiten by Asawari,  she was part of Aarohi for few years and then joined Swaraj University at Udaipur, currently she is part of facilitation team at Swaraj. She was part of our feedback session and here are thoughts as guide, as learner and as a facilitator.
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FIsrt Aid Quiz

One way to learn and get trained about SAFETY - is by taking a quiz - which we have purposefully designed not so much to test - but to help assimilate important SAFETY information in a clear manner.
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Creative Life

Watched this documentary on Friday in continuation of our "Passions o profession".
The movie was chosen consciously to not to bring any excitement or bring cool stuff. Few found it boring, few found it slow.
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Ever changing learner

Journey of a 12yrs old, who grew up with the love for vehicles. As a child of 4yrs old he would draw and draw jeeps and buses and trucks. He even started to save money to buy a bike when he would be 18urs old.  Soon he grew out of vehicles and started making sand castles. The play will go on with wars, enemy, bridges and strategies. As a child of 5yrs old he never sang nursery rhymes, nor wrote alphabets.  But he would spend a lot of time with books and insist us to read books daily for him.


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