Adults joining aarohi

There are four ways in which adults can be part of Aarohi community (stay in campus).

However, if you want to just visit aarohi for few hours to a week or so - pl see visit us page

Before we list the four possible roles please understand that living at Aarohi community, has its joys and also its challenges. Facing these challenges involves being ready to look at oneself, being open to be questioned, being prepared to change.


Being part of the community means living and eating together with the children and other adults, sharing spaces and resources. It also involves contributing on a daily basis to all aspects of life at aarohi like campus, kitchen and resources care, as well as involving yourself in various projects at campus as well as outside campus (like working with village children or government schools).

Since Aarohi is a democratic setup - while there is space for the individual, it demands that each individual to be aware and alert to the needs of the community as a whole, and to be able to respond accordingly.

1. As a facilitator - Work with children at Aarohi. To work directly with children as facilitator you need to go through our training course (see training section on website). Once you are working there is load of pre-preparation, active facilitation, reflecting on self and children and documentation. Note as of now we do not need any facilitator - but once you do the training you can volunteer as a facilitator.

2. As a Resource Person - Focus on any one aspect - your passion - at the campus - like you could be a resource for music or carpentry or gardening or cooking or electronics or ... anything -  something that you are passionate about. So at campus you focus on 'doing' your passion - and children learn with / from you. The focus is not to teach, but to be available for children to connect in different ways.

3. As an Intern - This option is for people who want to learn about alternate education, about open learning, about children, about education etc. Young adults who want to explore working with children as a career can use this internship. Typically internship is for one to three months.  Please note after internship there is no job-at-Aarohi available - for working with children at Aarohi see #1 above. So Internship is for people who want to learn About learning or do some research project on children and learning

4. As a Parent - Yes, you can just be part of the community because your child is here as a regular child. You obviously decide how to contribute to the community while being 'there' for your child.


STAY - For all the four above - like regular children - you could be fully residential at campus or commute every week from Bangalore or any other nearby city. You may also choose to stay outside campus but nearby  (in Kelamangalam or in Hosur) and commute daily. 
Pl connect with us to know how much and what kind of stay space is available during the time frame of your stay. 

COST -  Everybody who stays at campus has to pay for their stay - refer the chart below:

How to go about it - start by going though the website in detail and meanwhile talk to us. Second step - come stay at the campus for 1-2 weeks. After you experience Aarohi - if you want to explore any of the above roles discuss with us and also answer the questions listed in the questionnaire below.

Need clarifications? - pl contact us