Aarohi O-Campus

What would do if you had an 5 acres of hillside land with the whole world open around you in the middle of nowhere?

Located 3km from Kelamangalam village, 16km from Hosur and 55km from the center of Bangalore - Children of all ages from Bangalore, from Nearby Hosur and surrounding villages come to O (open) campus. Some use it as week residential (Monday to Thursday / Friday), some come daily and some form their own routine. 

what we (adults and children here) do is - well - a whole lot of things - we play, explore, build, cook, learn, enjoy and LIVE together - full community style.

The Aarohi Campus is called Open (O) campus - because it is open to all kinds of learning, all ages of learners, all ways of learning ... O campus is open to failure, success, results, process, precision, approximation, conflicts, coexistence, explorations, experimentation, expressions and experiences and everything else you can find wherever the sky and horizon meet!

We all live together - all of us cook, grow vegetables, eat, clean, sleep, sing, dance, play games, play sports, do gardening, make structures, paint, read books, 


wash clothes, light fires, break and repair things, converse and breath.

We are all equal - hence we all fight, love, help, care, cry and laugh with with each other.

The best way to know about living and learning at O campus is to come here, spend few days with us. O campus extends an open invitation to you!

So here is the story of O-campus:

Aarohi started in June 2009 in Geniekids Indiranagar center, Bangalore. One year after starting, we realized

  • Children need more space
  • Children need more children
  • Children need more resources (like a carpentry workshop or a music room which was not feasible in the current building - because of limited space

Hence we started looking for bigger space.
Deb uncle (Deb Bhushan Mukherjee, grand father of one of Aarohi children) in a super generous gesture donated about 5acres of land - which is now the O campus. Aarohi like a young energetic child is growing up in this salubrious hillside.

Route to O-campus

In the spirit of  Open campus the campus development in itself has been (and continues to be) a huge learning opportunity for us. Children, parents, local people, various experts from different fields (architecture, design, construction, rain water harvesting etc) all are involved in collectively creating a campus that itself teaches.

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