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Aarohi means "constantly evolving". So its an environment where children, learning and skills can constantly evolve.

Aarohi’s vision is to offer an environment and process that empowers children to learn on their own, all they need & want to learn for living their life, both now and in future.

Innovation in education cannot be achieved by tinkering the current system. It can only be achieved by offering an alternate system – a system which is true to the child and to the objective of education. A system which does not target the next exam or the next college rather it empowers children into adults who can think, lead and enjoy their life to fullest potential.

If you are looking at a envionrment that values the learner more than the learning; that values the process more than the results, that is based on children creating their own learning rather than us teaching them, and that is about living life - now and in future - then explore more:

The School is currently for children 2 years to upto 17 years (we are extending this to 24-25 years - pl connect with us for details of the same. A child can join at any age and at any time of the year (only subject to space availability).

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 As Shilpadhar, a parent, puts it, “I am not here to make my child a great painter or a scientist. My child will grow on her own accord, in her own way. All I want is a nourishing and vital environment.